BMT announces a new multi-role auxiliary vessel ELLIDA

BMT announces a new multi-role auxiliary vessel ELLIDA
Photo: BMT

BMT has unveiled its latest concept design, the ELLIDA™ multi-role support ship, at this year’s international defence trade show DSEI 2019. ELLIDA™ will be the third family of vessels designed by BMT for the auxiliary market and will complement the AEGIR and SALVAS families.

The ELLIDA™ concept is underpinned by the proven experience that BMT has gained while designing the AEGIR vessels now in service, the Tide class with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, and HNoMS Maud with the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The first member of the ELLIDA™ family is a 195m multi-role support and logistics vessel designed to provide the capabilities needed in future global operations, offering the flexibility of a large hull, with internal vehicle and stowage decks, weather deck stowage and additional accommodation.

It has the utility to transport and deliver troops, vehicles, equipment and supplies from anywhere in the world in support of amphibious warfare and littoral manoeuvre. Its versatile mix of ship-to-shore offloading and logistics capabilities allow support to naval operations through landing craft, boat operations, multi-spot aviation and replenishment at sea.

BMT considered the operational background and future requirements during the development of ELLIDA™ - including the development of operational concepts against current and future doctrines of several navies. The result is a balanced design, able to react to the dynamic operational requirements of military commanders in support of government policy for a number of different nations.

Benjamin Dunscombe, Business Development Manager at BMT, comments:

“In Norse mythology, God of the Sea, Aegir, presented Viking with a magical ship called Ellida – so the name for our latest family of vessels seemed like an obvious choice. Navies around the world need to be equipped with the best possible auxiliary platforms to support global operations as flexibly, safely and reliably as they can. As designers of proven in-service auxiliary platforms, we are confident that the ELLIDA™ family of vessels will help to deliver this objective.”