ABS issues its AIP for GEV’s pilot compressed hydrogen ship

Commercialisation opportunities for hydrogen transport using the GEV pilot ship, include the recently announced MOU with the HyEnergy project in Western Australia.

ABS issues its AIP for GEV’s pilot compressed hydrogen ship
Photo: GEV

Global Energy Ventures Ltd has announced that ABS has issued its AIP for the Company’s pilot-scale compressed hydrogen ship, based on a cargo capacity of 430 tonnes of hydrogen. 

Martin Carolan, GEV Managing Director & CEO, commented:

“GEV is pleased to report that we have received AIP from ABS for our pilot scale 430-tonne hydrogen ship, which follows AIP received earlier this year for our innovative compressed hydrogen ship with a 2,000-tonne capacity. ABS is a leading classification society for gas carriers and GEV is looking forward to working with them to ensure that our compressed hydrogen ships continue to meet the highest safety standards.

Marine storage and transport solutions are required for hydrogen to contribute to global decarbonization ambitions. Efficient, safe and cost competitive marine transport solutions for high purity hydrogen are required before 2030 to enable the development of greenfield hydrogen supply chains at scale. GEV views the compressed hydrogen ship as a competitive carrier and the ideal scale to advance the commercialisation of several hydrogen greenfield export projects proposed or under development.”