ZeroNorth platform to be deployed across X-Press Feeders' vessels

ZeroNorth signs deal with X-Press Feeders to propel carrier's decarbonisation strategy

ZeroNorth platform to be deployed across X-Press Feeders' vessels

Technology company ZeroNorth has signed a new deal with global common carrier X-Press Feeders to deploy the ZeroNorth platform across the carrier's entire fleet of feeder vessels, the companies have announced today.

The terms of the deal will see the ZeroNorth platform and its suite of vessel, voyage and CII optimisation services used across X-Press Feeders' more than 100 vessels to improve earnings, bolster decision-making and significantly contribute to the company's decarbonisation strategy.

Partnering with ZeroNorth will enable X-Press Feeders to benefit from increased transparency and reduced workload across its sea and shore operations, powering up decision-making with actionable insights that will improve profitability and sustainability in tandem with each other. 

The partnership will help to propel the continued decarbonisation of X-Press Feeders' operations. The company has committed to zero emissions by 2050, with a ramping efficiency improvement target through to 2035. ZeroNorth's platform improves efficiency by providing a clear indicator of vessel and fleet performance and uses a huge repository of data and fuel models to make recommendations on how to cut emissions and maximise CII ratings. 

The platform uses vessel and fleet data, combined with the industry's most authoritative data on market rates, weather, bunker price and availability to make its recommendations. Critically, the depth of ZeroNorth's vessel data and fuel models allow the platform to make realistic recommendations based on actual conditions a vessel is facing at sea, considerably powering up decision-making for users.

Given the critical role that feeder shipping plays in containerised trade and the global supply chain, any potential optimisation to vessels and voyages is particularly relevant. Feeder vessels often operate on tightly organised routes with strict requirements on arrival times; arrival times that are currently under threat from port congestion and disruption. These challenges and complexities mean that data-based solutions are one of the best near-term ways for the segment to identify areas for improvement in its operations.

Speaking on the announcement, Jesper Bo Hansen, Chief Revenue Office at ZeroNorth, said:

"The feeder container segment plays an absolutely integral role in global trade, and we are delighted to be able to partner with a recognised leader like X-Press Feeders to help propel their decarbonisation strategy and improve profitability across their fleet." 

Alex Hartnoll, Business Transformation, X-Press Feeders, added:

"Decarbonisation and the reduction of GHG emissions from our operations are key strategic pillars for X-Press Feeders, and we are focused on improving the efficiency of our fleet through a variety of operational and technical initiatives. ZeroNorth and its industry-leading platform of technology solutions are an obvious fit for our commercial and environmental strategy because they offer a well-rounded solution that provides tangible and actionable insights to our shoreside staff and crew. 

"Collaboration is integral if we – and the industry as a whole – are to meet our goals. ZeroNorth is a recognised and leading brand that is driving maritime sustainability forward and partnering with them is a real signal of ambition to the market. We are looking forward to working with their team to achieve our target and who we know are passionate about our goals of greater fleet transparency, better vessel performance and lower GHG emissions."