Zamakona Yards begins construction for its newbuild for Gitte Henning AS

Commencement of Steel Cutting for New Gitte Henning (NB 799)

Zamakona Yards begins construction for its newbuild for Gitte Henning AS
Photo: Zamakona Yards

ZAMAKONA YARDS has begun constructing its newbuild for Gitte Henning AS, holding the start of the steel cutting for NB 799.

NB 799 will have a number of environmentally friendly solutions, many of them new in pelagic fishing (two propellers and a twin-skeg hull design, permanent magnet motors for propulsion and deck machinery, battery pack, etc) . Throughout the design process and in the choice of equipment, the focus has been on improving quality of the fish and reducing emissions through reduced energy consumption and efficient power production.

Pedro Garaygordobil, Chairman of Zamakona Yards, said:

“This new build represents our consolidation as one of the main shipbuilding yards into the pelagic trawler market after delivery of 7 vessels for shipowners in Scotland, and thus it is a very important milestone for us. The project progresses in good cooperation with the customer and with the designer Salt Ship Design.”

The whole steel blocks for the vessel are going to be manufactured at the facilities of the yard in Bilbao, Spain. Specially now, Zamakona Yard continue with its strategy of no outsourcing to low cost third countries, assuring best quality and delivery time for the steel structure of the vessel.

Assembly of the ship sections at the slipway will then begin in July 2020.