Yang Ming holds virtual naming ceremony for YM Continuity

YM Continuity has a nominal capacity of 2,940 TEU

Yang Ming holds virtual naming ceremony for YM Continuity
Photo: Yang Ming

On June 25th, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (Yang Ming) celebrated the naming of its 2,800 TEU class full container vessel, YM Continuity with a virtual naming ceremony. 

Yang Ming Chairman Cheng Cheng-Mount and CSBC Corporation Chairman Cheng Wen-Lon, located respectively at Yang Ming’s headquarters in Keelung and CSBC Corporation’s administration building in Kaohsiung, jointly officiated the ceremony. Mrs. Chen Shu-Huei, wife of the President of National Ocean Taiwan University, Hsu Tai-Wen, had the honor to officially name the ship during the ceremony and wish the ship and its crew the best of luck on their future voyages.

YM Continuity has a nominal capacity of 2,940 TEU and is equipped with 353 plugs for reefer containers. With a length of 209.75 meters, a width of 32.8 meters and a draft of 11.2 meters, YM Continuity is designed to cruise at a speed up to 21 knots. The newbuilding adopts the Sea Sword Bow design to significantly save energy and optimize hydrodynamic performances. The application of its electronic controlled fuel injection engine with low-load tuning Exhaust Gas Bypass (EGB) fuel control system will greatly enhance the new ship’s energy efficiency. 

The installation of scrubbers will help Yang Ming to fulfill its promise to reduce emissions of NOx and SOx. Furthermore, YM Continuity is certified with ABS’ Smart INF and Smart SHM notations and CR Classification Society‘s “Smartship H, Et, I” notations. The recognitions denote that the vessels is equipped with smart information infrastructure of big data acquisition and cloud transmission, which allow ship structure endurance monitoring and future structural health awareness through ABS’s customized analysis program to ensure sailing safety.

In addition to achieving environmental sustainability through shipbuilding technology, nurturing industry professionals is one of Yang Ming’s strategies to fulfill corporate social responsibility goals. The company has extended industry-academia cooperation with National Taiwan Ocean University. Together they have established postgraduate programs which offer opportunities for graduates with a bachelor’s degree to study in marine transportation & maritime science technology. The collaboration will help cultivating marine professionals and exploring diverse career paths for the youth. With Mrs. Chen as the lady sponsor of YM Continuity, Yang Ming specially invited several teachers and students of National Taiwan Ocean University to participate in the virtual event, adding a significant meaning of promoting maritime education to the ceremony.

With the addition of 2,800 TEU newbulidings, Yang Ming’s intra-Asia service network will be significantly enhanced. YM Continuity, the ninth in the series, will be deployed on Yang Ming’s service ‘JTS’ as of July 1st. The port rotation of JTS is Nagoya – Tokyo - Chiba - Yokohama - Keelung - Kaohsiung - Hong Kong - Shekou - Port Kelang - Singapore - Manila South Port - Kaohsiung - Hong Kong - Shekou - Xiamen – Nagoya.