Wello Oy to bring its wave energy converter to the Basque country

Wello Oy to bring its wave energy converter to the Basque country
Photo: Wello Oy

In the coming months Finnish based company Wello Oy will be bringing its wave energy converter (WEC) to the Basque country deploying at BiMEP’s site in Armintza. Thanks to the quick and diligent effort by the members at EVE and BiMEP, in cooperation with Wello they have secured funding for the installation, deployment and operation of the Penguin WEC to their site.

In 2012 Wello Oy deployed their original prototype device in Orkney, Scotland for several years. During that time the prototype celebrated a successful testing campaign and surpassed the expectations of the Finnish developer. Through many successful deployments, trials and lessons learnt from the testing period and the accomplishments of the device, Wello has transferred all this experience to the new fully actualized Penguin WEC. The CEFOW project in Scotland has come to end.

The Penguin finished construction in June and will now commence towing to its new home in Armintza. Wello is eagerly awaiting the arrival and a quick and successful deployment, generating clean renewable energy from the ocean’s waves directly to the grid at Armintza.

Wello’s CEO Heikki Paakkinen has this to say:

‘The Basque country has huge potential for wave energy, and we are extremely happy with the funding decision. This new project has the potential to set in motion more projects in and around the area, with many parties already showing interest in developing the site further. We know that we can create many opportunities in The Basque country and across the globe. We are excited for the coming months and look forward to working with BiMEP on this project.’