VOS Champagne ‘Biosafe Ship’ certified

VOS Champagne is the world’s first cargo vessel assigned with this new notation.

VOS Champagne ‘Biosafe Ship’ certified
Photo: Vroon

VOS Champagne, a 2015-built DP2 anchor-handling tug supply vessel managed by Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) Genoa, has been classified with the new RINA Class-notation ‘Biosafe Ship’. VOS Champagne is the world’s first cargo vessel assigned with this new notation.

The ‘Biosafe Ship’ notation is a new goal-based notation, based on many different systems, components and operative procedures to control and prevent possible onboard infection outbreak.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vroon has decided to comply with the RINA ‘Biosafe Ship’ guidelines, by making use of RINA’s dedicated services focussed on infection awareness, prevention and control.

VOS Genoa will classify all its vessels in order to reduce the risk of an infection on board, protecting all crew, charter personnel and visitors from the threat of biological agents.

New and specific procedures have been implemented on board and are now part of the vessel safety management system. A Specific Health Management plan was issued, based on specific risk assessments, health monitoring and treatments, and detailed procedures for contacting ashore authorities and hospital facilities.

A Ship Health Officer has been appointed as officer in charge of the management and control of the relevant procedures in place. In addition, an adequate crew training on health issues in normal health and emergency health conditions has been carried out.

RINA will perform annual audits on board in order to confirm procedures’ compliance.

An Engineering assessment has been provided by VOS Genoa’s Technical Department, in order to assess dedicated room treatment, routes for social distancing, the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) independent system for contained areas, the Fresh Water and sewage disinfection systems and many more.