VIDEO: The renewed quay in the Port of Savona

The "renewed" Calata Delle Vele quay dedicated to cruises in the historic port of Savona, together with the Palacrociere terminal 1, was officially inaugurated on November, 14.

The total investment for the renewal of the quay, by the Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea, and of the terminal, carried out by Costa Crociere, is approximately 22 million euros.

The works were completed on schedule, which guaranteed the main quay dedicated to the cruise ships to adapt to the needs of the new generation ships. Costa Crociere has thus returned to its historic port of call, which has seen millions of passengers land in the historic centre of the city for about fifteen years, making the hub of Savona one of the main cruise ports in Italy and Europe.

To allow the wharf to accommodate the latest-built cruise ships it was necessary to bring the seabed from the initial -9 meters to -11 with a consolidation of the nine and ten docks and the construction of a deck supported by columns on the front of the quay 8. The 17 million euro investment by the Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea was made by Fincosit srl and RCM Costruzioni, fully respecting the project schedule, with the docking of the flagship Costa Diadema.

Work on the quay and terminal 1 of the Palacrociere was carried out in anticipation of the arrival of the Costa Smeralda, a new flagship that will be calling at Savona every Saturday from 21 December 2019. Costa Smeralda represents a real turning point in terms of minimizing the environmental impact, because it will be fed, both in port and at sea, with liquefied natural gas (LNG), the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. The use of LNG makes it possible to eliminate emissions of sulfur oxides and particulates almost completely, as well as significantly reducing nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions.