Tideworks’ new terminal operating system goes live at MIT

Manzanillo International Terminal marks successful deployment of Tideworks’ latest TOS, Mainsail 10

Tideworks’ new terminal operating system goes live at MIT
Photo: Tideworks

Tideworks Technology® Inc. (Tideworks), a full-service provider of comprehensive terminal operating system (TOS) solutions, has announced the go-live of its new marine TOS solution, Mainsail 10 at Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Panama.

Tideworks engineered Mainsail 10 to provide terminal operators with increased flexibility and a TOS solution that can seamlessly integrate and scale to adapt to changing operational needs. The go-live at MIT is the company’s first deployment of Mainsail 10.

Mainsail 10 was developed with the evolving global supply chain in mind. The new solution provides rapid access to and management of real-time data to improve decision making and increase the flow of cargo through the terminal, while also reducing costs. The new TOS is highly configurable and customizable – allowing terminal operators to create individualized user experiences and powerful ad-hoc reports that meet their specific needs. Additionally, the solution integrates with back-office accounting and ERP systems among other third-party technologies.

Thomas Rucker, president of Tideworks, said:

“We are thrilled to introduce our next-generation TOS that will offer a strategic advantage to terminal operators worldwide. The successful go-live of Mainsail 10 at MIT is the first deployment of our latest marine TOS and signifies another milestone in our long-term partnership with MIT. Mainsail 10 provides terminal operators with an extremely flexible, world-class TOS platform that enables growth and enhanced efficiencies.”

Throughout the design and development of Mainsail 10, Tideworks worked closely with its terminal operator customers and stakeholders to create a next-generation TOS platform informed by historical industry insight.

Stacy Hatfield, general manager at Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), said:

“We have had an opportunity to experience Mainsail 10 and found that it is extremely intuitive and responsive. Our team collaborated closely with Tideworks to successfully deploy the platform. We have also begun integrating Mainsail 10 with the variety of third-party tools and technologies in use at MIT to increase efficiency across the terminal.”

Mainsail 10 went live at MIT in August 2020.