The vessel Canopee will be built by Neptune Shipyard

Jifmar Guyane has selected the Dutch shipyard to build the Canopee vessel.

The vessel Canopee will be built by Neptune Shipyard

Once delivered at the end of 2022, the vessel will be operated by Alizes (Joint venture between Jifmar Offshore Services and Zephyr & Boree).

Following an international call for tenders in which the future operator Alizes and the client Arianegroup were associated, Neptune was selected.  

Jean-Michel Berud, CEO of Jifmar, said:

“The choice of a European shipyard seemed obvious to us to fit into the DNA of the Ariane project. The Neptune Marine shipyard gets strong track records in building cargo vessels that meet the highest industry standards. At Jifmar, we have trusted them for many years to build our innovative and versatile vessels. More than 15 units have already been ordered to meet our specifications.“ 

The signature with the Neptune Marine for the construction of the Canopee vessel took place in October. Since then, detailed engineering studies have been on their way with hull tank testing scheduled for the coming weeks. The laying of the keel will follow in the second quarter of 2021, while Alizes will take delivery of the vessel at the end of 2022 after a series of tests.

Nils Joyeux, CEO of Zephyr Et Boree, said:

“We look forward to operating this vessel on behalf of Arianegroup and showing the full potential of wind propulsion in the merchant navy. On the one hand, the option of a European shipyard secures this project in the context of uncertainty generated by the Covid-19 and its repercussions. On the other hand, we hope that this will allow Europe to take the lead in the construction of innovative vessels equipped with wind propulsion.”  

The construction of the vessel will take place between the Netherlands and Poland where the Neptune shipyards are located. To respect the design concept, Neptune has approached Groot Design, a design office specialized in “Open Top” cargo vessels. This was based on the architectural project carried by VPLP design which had enabled Alizes to win the Arianegroup tender. It is also a subsidiary of VPLP Design, Ayro which will supply the wings which will equip the ship.