SK Group to build South Korea`s hydrogen port

South Korea’s SK Group and the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries have unveiled plans to build a hydrogen port ecosystem.

SK Group to build South Korea`s hydrogen port

The two entities have signed a deal to build a port hydrogen complex station, port mobility and ship hydrogen fuel conversation, and a blue hydrogen production facility.

SK said it would build the first port-type hydrogen complex station in Yeosu Gwangyang Port by 2023.

The blue hydrogen production facility would have an annual capacity of 200,000 to 300,000 tons with some of the hydrogen produced to be processed into liquid hydrogen and supplied to nearby ports, SK said.

The Ministry says the plans could mean that 60% of Korea’s total hydrogen consumption is supplied through hydrogen ports by 2040.

Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Moon Seong-hyeok said the hydrogen port ecosystem would be build in stages by 2040 to realise carbon neutrality by 2050.

He emphasised that the government will “spare no effort in administrative and policy support” so that “corporate investment in hydrogen ports can be revitalised”.