Sirius Shipping installs FuelOpt™ on two more vessels

Lean Marine continues to support Sirius in their commitment to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly marine transportation.

Sirius Shipping installs FuelOpt™ on two more vessels

Sirius Shipping made their first installation of the propulsion automation system FuelOpt™ in 2016 and has continued to implement the system to other vessels on their fleet over time. Today, we are pleased to announce that 2 more vessels in Sirius fleet will be equipped with our FuelOpt™ system.

FuelOpt™ provides a direct interface between the machinery and vessel crew on the bridge for controlling the parameters that matter most for ship operational efficiency: speed, fuel consumption, engine power or a combination of these. Once the system is activated, FuelOpt™ dynamically controls vessel propulsion based on the commands set, adapting the propulsive power to the changing environmental conditions.

On vessels with a controllable pitch propeller, FuelOpt™ acts as a dynamic tuning system for the propulsion machinery and regulates the propeller’s pitch and RPM separately to operate the engine and propeller at optimal conditions. In this way, the system ensures to produce the maximum amount of propeller thrust with the minimum amount of power, hence wasting significantly less energy.

Jonas Backman, Managing Director at Sirius Shipping, says:

“At Sirius Shipping we are committed to offering our customers an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly marine transport today and tomorrow. We have been collaborating with Lean Marine since 2016 and we are very satisfied with the fuel saving results of the FuelOpt™ system. Our customers confirm the systems added value on operational performance as well. In 2021, we will be installing FuelOpt™ on our chemical/product tankers Donia and Tellus.”