Silverstream Technologies and MAN Energy Solutions sign collaboration agreement

Agreement focuses on two stroke engine business to drive retrofits and newbuild installations of market-leading air lubrication system

Silverstream Technologies and MAN Energy Solutions sign collaboration agreement

Silverstream Technologies and MAN Energy Solutions have signed a collaboration agreement to support the decarbonisation of the global shipping industry.

The agreement will explore solutions for improving vessel efficiency spanning both newbuild installations and retrofits. With approximately half of the world's commercial ships powered by MAN Energy Solutions, the collaboration will help further accelerate the adoption of Silverstream's proven air lubrication technology, the Silverstream® System, across the global fleet.

Silverstream's technology releases a uniform carpet of air to reduce the frictional resistance between the hull and the water, cutting average net fuel consumption and GHG emissions by 5-10%. While the air lubrication system is applicable to all shipping segments and is effective in all sea states, it is especially effective on large oceangoing vessels due to the size and shape of their hull. MAN two-stroke engines are the preferred choice of propulsion for these commercial vessels. 

Bjarne Foldager, Head of Two-Stroke Business, MAN Energy Solutions, said:

"There are many different ways to approach net-zero and MAN Energy Solutions is happy to work with like-minded industry partners in this pursuit. Decarbonising the marine segment is a giant task but Silverstream, with its innovative technology, displays great potential in this regard. I'm certain that this agreement will deliver interesting insights and, crucially, concrete proposals to further our mutual aims."

Noah Silberschmidt, Founder & CEO, Silverstream Technologies, commented:

"It was a pleasure to meet up with our new partners at MAN Energy Solutions this month at the Global Maritime Forum in Athens to sign this important agreement. Shipping must rise to the challenges of decarbonisation, new regulations and increasingly complex fuel economics. In collaboration with MAN ES, we are leading the way to the cleaner, greener vessels needed to achieve the IMO's carbon reduction targets; pursuing the mantra that the greenest fuel is the fuel that you do not use."

As of October 2023, there are 180 vessels contracted to have the Silverstream® System installed across all of shipping's major segments, with 50 installed on ships in-service today. Silverstream's customers include MSC, Maersk, Grimaldi, Shell, Vale, Carnival and ADNOC L&S, amongst other major industry names. Many of these customers are signing fleet-wide deals for the technology.