ShipNet supports Maersk Tankers by hosting its technical solutions

ShipNet supports Maersk Tankers by hosting its technical solutions
Photo: Maersk

ShipNet has announced that a contract between ShipNet and Maersk Tankers has been signed, as part of which ShipNet extends its services to Maersk Tankers, supporting further collaboration across technical and procurement management applications.

ShipNet will support Maersk Tankers by hosting its technical and procurement management solutions in a secured cloud-based environment. This not only supports the business users by providing a better experience across the current applications deployed but also provides Maersk Tankers options to scale the choices of investments on their systems landscape globally. The relationship will also foster greater collaboration amongst the teams providing additional possibilities where the applications can get more innovative and enhance the user experience.

Suren Thadani, CEO from ShipNet, shares:

“The partnership with Maersk Tankers has been a very strategic partnership for ShipNet. By working with some very bright individuals at Maersk Tankers, we have been able to simplify and innovate our solutions. We are also grateful to Maersk Tankers for always supporting us as a very valuable customer and showing us pathways on innovations within the industry”.