Satcom Global upgrades Aura VSAT with Intellian NX Series

Satcom Global upgrades Aura VSAT with Intellian NX Series
Photo: Satcom Global

Satcom Global has announced its flagship high-speed Aura VSAT solution now includes the very latest Ku-band hardware from the future-proof Intellian NX series of maritime VSAT antennas, including the v85NX, v100NX and v130NX models.

Satcom Global made the decision to introduce the new and improved Intellian NX series to the Aura solution due to the industry leading RF design and ‘best in class’ performance for 85cm, 1m and 1.25m antennas. As data demands continue to grow, the high performance systems will reliably deliver Satcom Global Aura VSAT connectivity to the maritime market enabling access to the high-speed connections, quality of service and global coverage widely associated with the Aura network.  

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian, said:

“Satcom Global continues to grow its business with Intellian through close collaboration and their commitment to providing market leading technology. The NX Series is the perfect product range for customers wanting to access the highest performance, whilst getting great value. Our global presence and speed of delivery have helped enable the rapid deployment of their VSAT services to customers across all regions, and are critical in meeting the maritime end-customers’ business needs of today. We are confident our partnership will continue to grow, with the new NX series products providing their customers with a future-proof and feature rich solution.”

Satcom Global has enjoyed a strategic relationship with Intellian since 2016 and last year were the recipient of Intellian Technologies ‘Fastest Growing Partner’ award. Satcom Global was acknowledged for the high volume and widescale distribution of Intellian’s portfolio of Ku-band antenna systems which form a key component of Satcom Global Aura VSAT.  

Ian Robinson, CEO of Satcom Global, commented:

“Our strategic partnership with Intellian has been integral to the development and growth of Aura VSAT, and we look forward to our continuing success as we move forward with the NX series. We were thrilled to receive the ‘Fastest Growing Partner’ award from Intellian last year, which is testament to the significant advancements we are making in the maritime VSAT market.”