Samskip kickstarts biofuel trial on Samskip Innovator

Samskip announces yet another vessel in its fleet sailing on biofuel.

Samskip kickstarts biofuel trial on Samskip Innovator
Photo: Samskip

Following last week’s news that the Samskip Endeavour will use sustainable biofuels as its new standard, Samskip is further strengthening its commitment to greener shipping by bunkering the M/V Samskip Innovator with biofuel.  

The Samskip Innovator, an 800TEU containership that normally runs on traditional fuel, has started a trial to run on biofuel until mid-December. The usage of biofuel on the vessel will be extended given a successful trial run.

This fuel, MDF1-100, is produced from used cooking oils, which can now serve as raw materials for high-quality sustainable biofuels. The number 100 stands for the proportion made from renewable raw materials, meaning that MDF1-100 consists of 100 percent organic waste products.

Frédéric Leca, Chief Operating Officer at Samskip, says:

“We are highly motivated to reduce our carbon footprint and are taking concrete actions. By using biofuels on a larger scale, we are putting old oils to a climate-friendly use. By saving more than 80 percent on CO2 emissions compared to conventional fossil fuel, the reduction of the emission is substantial. Making use of this sustainable marine biofuel is the future-proof way to go. We call out all carriers in our industry to take concrete actions to reduce their carbon footprint, no matter how big or small it might be. Only together can we achieve a better future for our planet.’’

The fuel is produced and delivered by the Samskip’s longtime partner GoodFuels.