REV Ocean secures first-ever Triton 7500/3 series submersible

REV Ocean secures first-ever Triton 7500/3 series submersible
Photo: REV Ocean

Triton Submarines LLC has announced the sale of the first Triton 7500/3 series submersible to Project REV Ocean – a not for profit foundation established and funded by Norwegian businessman and visionary Kjell Inge Røkke.

The Triton 7500/3 will be the deepest diving acrylic pressure hull equipped submersible ever conceived and is capable of diving to 7,500 feet or 2,286 meters with three people on-board.

The revolutionary Triton 7500/3 features a transparent acrylic sphere as the pressure hull, which provides occupants with an immersive and completely unobstructed view of their surroundings while keeping them safe and comfortable at one atmosphere regardless of the diving depth. The Triton 7500/3 acrylic sphere is made using proprietary technology pioneered by Triton’s exclusive acrylic manufacturing partners, which results in a finished material that is stronger, clearer and superior to anything previously made. In addition to offering unprecedented levels of passenger comfort, Triton submersibles are simple to operate, easy to maintain, safe and reliable.

Triton President Patrick Lahey said:

“We are thrilled Project Rev Ocean chose to add a Triton 7500/3 submersible to the vast arsenal of subsea tools and equipment on their entirely unique and groundbreaking vessel. The capacity to visit such extreme depths and see things not possible any other way will dramatically enhance the experience of being aboard and create more ocean advocates. Project Rev Ocean is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are honored to be a part of Mr. Røkke’s ambitious and exciting vision.”

The CEO of REV Ocean Nina Jensen said:

“Having the Triton 7500/3 onboard our research vessel truly elevates REV Ocean to a level of unparalleled opportunity. Putting three people in a transparent acrylic sphere submersible with the capacity to reach such incredible depths will certainly inspire, educate, and motivate the global community to support our core mission of ensuring we have one healthy ocean.”

REV Ocean is the world’s largest and most advanced research and expedition vessel. The ship is 182.9 meters in length and has the capacity to carry up to 55 scientists and 35 crew members. Equipment onboard includes scientific trawls, sonar systems, laboratories, auditorium and classrooms, a moonpool, AUV, Triton 7500/3 submersible, and an ROV with a 6,000 meter diving depth and advanced communication equipment.

REV Ocean, will be equipped for conducting missions that cover the entire marine ecosystem. The vessel will be used by scientists and innovators for ‘solutions’-oriented research that examine issues such as the impact CO2 emissions have on the ocean, plastic pollution and unsustainable fishing practices and highlights the possibility for positive, sustainable and much-needed change.

REV Ocean Science Director Alex Rogers added:

“I have dived with Triton subs on numerous expeditions and they provide unique platforms for visiting the ocean and viewing seascapes in a way that is not possible with other deep diving equipment. The new Triton 7500/3 will enable REV Ocean scientists to visit vulnerable marine ecosystems as well as reach the most productive zones of seamounts and other features such as deep-sea canyons and hydrothermal vents.”

Triton Submarines, through its recently delivered 36000/2 model and contribution to the Five Deeps Expedition, engaged in record-breaking dives to the deepest point of the world’s five oceans with the first submersible ever certified for Full Ocean Depth operation.