Port of Amsterdam installs new smart shore power cabinets

In the coming months Port of Amsterdam will replace all existing shore power units with smart, green shore power.

Port of Amsterdam installs new smart shore power cabinets
Photo: Port of Amsterdam

This will happen to all cabinets in the port area within the ring (A10) of Amsterdam.

The new shore power cabinets are a lot smarter and easier to use than their predecessors. For example, you can operate them using a Park-line app, in which you indicate how much power you need. After entering a code, you plug in the box and have access to shore power. The app measures consumption very accurately, so that afterwards you always pay for the exact amount of power used. Payment is also made via the app.

Engineers can also repair any faults faster. The smart boxes detect problems immediately. For instance, they register whether there is a secure connection and what the power consumption is. If there is a problem, the boxes signal the engineers. They can then immediately see which shore power box is causing the problem. The cabinets can also be controlled remotely, for example by resetting the earth leakage switch. This means that the engineers no longer have to be at the site every time there is a malfunction, which saves a lot of time and annoyance.

Steve Faerber, head of Asset Management and Projects, says:

"However, these were not the main reasons for choosing the new shore-based power. The ambition of Port of Amsterdam is to encourage and facilitate clean shipping in order to create a sustainable port. The new shore power cabinets fit perfectly into this strategy. They reduce CO2 emissions because ships no longer need to use generators. The cabinets also produce green electricity. In addition, they reduce the noise and odour nuisance for local residents."

But it will be a while before the new shore-based power units are available everywhere. Steve says:

"The contractor is currently building the first units. We will test the first cabinet in two months' time. If this test goes well, we will install the cabinet on site and carry out a second test. If this test also goes well, we will roll out the cabinets throughout the port. The plan is for the new shore power cabinets to be installed everywhere within the ring road by the end of this year."