PGS and ION successfully complete Shell Egypt survey

Shell has introduced novel technology to Egypt that enhances exploration insights in a more eco-friendly manner.

PGS and ION successfully complete Shell Egypt survey
Photo: PGS

PGS and ION Geophysical Corporation have announced the successful completion of a survey offshore Egypt acquired on behalf of Shell with an innovative Extended Long Offset (ELO) design in combination with ION’s Gemini™ source technology.

This is the last in a string of PGS programs successfully acquired in the Mediterranean starting in July 2020, and the first proprietary deployment of ION’s extended frequency source. The Ramform Tethys towed a wide multisensor GeoStreamer® configuration, while the Ramform Sovereign towed ION’s extended frequency source, designed to help capture richer low frequencies to improve subsurface characterization while limiting higher frequencies to a more ecologically friendly range. All three companies are aligned in their dedication to sustainable business practices that minimize the environmental impact of operations.  

Gerard van Drempt, Shell Global Category Manager Geophysics, said:

“Shell is pleased to have introduced novel technology to Egypt that enhances exploration insights in a more eco-friendly manner. To improve subsurface understanding of a complex geologic area in the Mediterranean, our exploration team paired innovative acquisition designs with Gemini to capture lower frequencies in this large, long offset survey. PGS survey execution, combined with the ION Gemini source performed well and Shell is pleased to see the expected uplift in low-frequency content.”  

Nathan Oliver, EVP Sales & Services at PGS, commented:

“Many attractive geographies for continued E&P investment are located in complex geological settings, where more accurate imaging of the subsurface is essential for effective resource development. PGS is expert at efficient management of complex offshore projects, and we are very pleased with the successful completion of this extensive 3D exploration program for Shell. The ELO configuration in combination with ION’s extended frequency source enabled efficient recording of offsets up to 16 kilometers. The innovative ELO survey design combines optimal spatial sampling for better subsurface imaging together with long offset multi-sensor GeoStreamer acquisition for accurate velocity model building. ELO is a cost-competitive and efficient configuration compared to other solutions for imaging deep targets.”

Chris Usher, ION’s President and Chief Executive Officer, added:

“In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, E&P customers are seeking the most effective technologies to help rebalance their portfolios and maximize return on investment from their assets throughout the energy transition. PGS is a leader in identifying and efficiently integrating innovative new technologies beneficial for the industry. We are really pleased with the results of our collaboration and look forward to working with additional service providers to make Gemini more broadly available as our capacity expands over the next few months.”