Napier Port launches sustainability strategy and action plan

The strategy extends out to a 10-year time frame

Napier Port launches sustainability strategy and action plan
Photo: Napier Port

Chief Executive Todd Dawson says  implementing the sustainability strategy is a priority for the business.

He said:

“Advancing sustainability at Napier Port is embedded in our business strategy as a foundation, reflecting the importance of leaving a positive legacy for future generations, while delivering for our customers, community and wider regional economy.

“With more than 100 identified actions it will definitely challenge us, but we didn’t want to take the easy path. We wanted a strategy that will actually enable us to make a difference and one that is authentic to Napier Port and our community.”

The strategy extends out to a 10-year time frame, setting out areas of focus and actions and identifying where further investigations, data collection and measurements are required.

In 2015, the United Nations signed up to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), setting out an urgent call for action by all countries in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The New Zealand government has incorporated these principles into the country’s legal and regulatory framework and Napier Port has incorporated 14 of the 17 SDGs in its Sustainability Strategy, with an initial emphasis on achievable, local actions.

Napier Port chairman Alasdair MacLeod says, “Focusing on what we can achieve locally and helping others to do the same, means we can make a difference in addressing urgent global challenges like climate change, environmental degradation, prosperity, and wellbeing for people and communities.”

The strategy concentrates firstly on local issues which the business can directly influence and improve, including:

  • promoting healthy reefs and clean oceans locally
  • aiming for zero net emissions by 2050
  • running community projects and good neighbour programmes
  • protecting marine and bird life
  • continuing to build a workplace that embraces diversity and cultural values
  • adopting clean energy solutions, and
  • minimising waste or duplication of resources

Development of the strategy highlighted that a number of existing programmes and policies across Napier Port were already underway and contributing towards greater sustainability. As the strategy evolved, further initiatives were also implemented and as such, good progress has already been made in key areas, including:

  • launching a Marine Cultural Health Programme
  • installing LED floodlight towers
  • reducing carbon emissions
  • creating artificial reefs to increase biodiversity
  • undertaking water quality surveys and monitoring, and
  • the protection of at-risk bird species that make their home at Napier Port

As at August 2021, 48 sustainability actions are underway, with a further 42 in planning. The actions encompass social, economic and environmental initiatives, enabling Napier Port to create a truly sustainable business.