Marlink partners with Apizee to deliver satellite-optimised real-time video services

Partnership reflects growth in remote working and resulting need for real-time video support services across a broad range of markets

Marlink partners with Apizee to deliver satellite-optimised real-time video services

Marlink, the leading provider of smart network solutions, has joined forces with Apizee, a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) provider of real-time video interaction features, to enhance video communications for customers requiring collaborative working, safety, diagnostics, and maintenance in remote locations.

Video has already been the application of choice for businesses in mining, energy and offshore as well as NGOs working in development and emergency relief. The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled this demand as travel has become increasingly restricted.

Apizee offers online chat and secure web-based high-definition collaboration services, enabling real-time sharing of data, audio, and video assistance on mobile devices.

Marlink’s intelligent hybrid network infrastructure provides connectivity with the lowest possible latency and the broadest global coverage, offering optimal service continuity to the users of satellite-based video assistance solutions. Using Marlink’s mobile satellite solutions to reach a remote vessel, production plant or operating site enables the utilisation of digital collaborative applications and cloud-based services that were previously impractical to use in areas with limited or non-existent terrestrial and cellular coverage.

Alexandre de Luca, President, Enterprise, Marlink, said:

"Marlink’s satellite solutions are critical in enabling diverse end users to maintain their digital communications during the pandemic, whether for chain of command, safety and security, remote operations and maintenance. Enhancing our customers’ access to video reflects the new reality that remote working is here to stay for many more businesses and organisations, whether they have remote employees or teams connecting from home."

Michel L’Hostis, General Director, Apizee, said:

"Real-time video can give organisations and businesses better connections to their people and faster updates on the performance and status of their remote assets because experts can collaborate and guide remote technicians to conduct diagnostics and repairs. Customers operating in areas where terrestrial networks are limited or non-existent will be able to enjoy high-quality, satellite-based video feeds from the most remote locations using tablets, smartphones and laptops."