Maritime Social eLearning Platform

Maritime Social eLearning Platform

The Maritimemedia OÜ has launched a pilot project for all seafarers - Maritime Social e-Learning platform

You can now take classes from Maritime Training Providers in the safe haven of your home, and they are free.

Robertas Vjuzaninas, Managing Director and co-Founder "The Maritimemedia OÜ", said:

"With the coronavirus changing the ins and outs of our daily lives and public health officials imploring us to stay home and socially isolate ourselves, many of us will have some time on our hands".

Several eLearning courses are specialized in the industry’s most pressing operational challenges. The first phase of e-courses focuses on Cyber Security as an operational imperative. The e-courses to follow will be tailored to safety, risk and compliance management topics ranging IMO Guidelines, Safety Management, Quality, Environment, Risk Management Standards, Hazard Analysis,  Management of Change and International and Offshore Oil and Gas Regulations and Standards.

All e-course materials are introductory, with the option of customization for advanced or industry-specific training. The solution enables structured training, micro-learning, social learning and gamification for an engaging learning experience.

Members can connect and engage with each other on topics within forums, groups and private chats.

Visit the platform to learn more: