Long-term outage for Hammerfest LNG

Mapping of the extent of the damage after the fire at Hammerfest LNG on 28 September indicates that the LNG plant will be closed for up to 12 months for repairs.

Long-term outage for Hammerfest LNG
Photo: Equinor

The fire at Hammerfest LNG-plant at Melkøya, that has occurred on 28 September, was confirmed put out at 23:30 CEST. No personell was injured in the incident.   

In addition to damages caused by the fire on the air intake on one of the plant's five power turbines, large amounts of seawater from the extinguishing have damaged other auxiliary systems such as electrical equipment and cables in the plant.

It is the scope of work of these consequential damages that are considered the most extensive and the duration of the shutdown will depend on the delivery time of necessary equipment. Progress will also be affected by the current restrictions related to the Covid 19 virus.

Plant director Andreas Sandvik said:

"Although a lot of inspection work still remains and there is still significant uncertainty, our best estimate now is that that it may take up until 1 October 2021 to get Hammerfest LNG back into production.

We will use the shutdown period to also carry out other maintenance and repair work planned for 2021. This includes both ongoing maintenance and maintenance planned in a planned turnaround next spring."

Equinor, as well as the PSA and the police have started independent investigations of the fire.

Grete B. Haaland, senior vice president for Equinor's onshore facilities, says:

"The fire at Hammerfest LNG was a serious incident. The various investigations into the incident will be important in order to identify measures that will prevent similar incidents from happening again."