LOC Digital launches 3D Digital Inspection offering

LOC has announced, as part of its digital services, the launch of a new technology offering enabling remote advanced surveying by use of drone and ROV (underwater drone), which will be applied to a range of assets both onshore and offshore.

LOC Digital launches 3D Digital Inspection offering

Survey data results are collated and reproduced in 3D imagery, by using high resolution visual, thermal, LIDAR and SONAR imaging, to create a virtual walkthrough of vessels and both offshore and onshore structures.

The imaging will reveal areas that previously, in-person inspections were not able to reveal, which will allow companies or individuals to make better informed decisions when it comes to risk assessment, asset management and purchase or investment decisions on an asset.

In line with the continued ramp up of 3D asset monitoring services, this bespoke offering from LOC is expected to have a significant impact on the global inspection industry. In generating highly accurate 3D models of vessel or structures for further detailed analysis by industry professionals, this offers a faster, more efficient and cost-effective solution for surveying assets than has previously been possible.

Via this platform, survey data collected from vessels, ports, onshore and offshore turbines as well as other assets across the offshore energy sector, can be analysed by LOC in-house marine and engineering consultants to produce a detailed inspection report. The 3D model will allow people to annotate areas of concern, generate reports suitable for the asset owner or insurer, compare the condition of the asset to a previous point in time and integrate data from inspection surveys into existing client asset management software.

David Braendler, LOC Digital Director, commented:

“We firmly believe that our new 3D inspection offering has the potential to revolutionise the asset inspection industry. Our ability to rapidly generate highly accurate 3D asset models, using the latest imaging technologies available, will enable the industry to make much more informed decisions on onshore or offshore assets than ever before. This will significantly de-risk decision making for the maritime, renewables and construction sectors.”

Jonathan Britain, LOC Digital Director, commented:

“Whilst the use of diver or remote operated vehicle inspections has become more prominent in recent years, these provide only a partial picture of what is going on with a structure. Whereas our new virtual walkthrough offering will provide an all-encompassing assessment of an asset, which will enable owners, operators and insurers to make highly informed investment decisions, thus mitigating one of the largest risk factors they face. This is the next phase in the digitalisation of the inspection industry, and we look forward to rolling the platform out as quickly as possible.”