KVH joins Smart Maritime Network as founding member

KVH joins Smart Maritime Network as founding member
Photo: KVH

Maritime innovator KVH has announced it has joined the Smart Maritime Network (SMN) as one of the founding members of the initiative dedicated to supporting collaboration and standardization in the development of IT systems for the shipping sector.

As a founding member, KVH will participate in Smart Maritime Council meetings with a select group of maritime technology developers, systems integrators, and vessel operators to discuss issues relating to the compatibility, standardization, and harmonization of the technology used in the modern shipping industry.

“KVH is thrilled to be a founding member of the Smart Maritime Network,” says Rick Driscoll, KVH’s vice president for service development and implementation. “Setting digital, data, and tech standards that resonate throughout the maritime industry is an extremely important effort that will provide far-reaching benefits at this crucial time in the industry’s digital transformation.”

KVH has a history of innovation in the maritime industry for producing award-winning satellite antenna products and providing global VSAT connectivity services with the fast data speeds to support the digital transformation underway throughout the industry.

Last month, KVH introduced KVH WatchTM, a maritime Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solution for maritime equipment manufacturers and application providers. KVH Watch enables equipment manufacturers to conduct remote monitoring and real-time interventions so they can minimize expensive service calls and ensure their equipment is performing at its peak.

Earlier this year, KVH introduced the TracPhone® V11-HTS, the world’s only 1-meter Ku/C-band maritime satellite communications antenna designed to deliver data speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up), an advanced antenna to meet the growing demand for VSAT connectivity among the world’s commercial vessels, superyachts, and recreational boats.

Smart Maritime Network was founded by Rob O’Dwyer, chief network officer, and Cathy Hodge, chief operating officer, with the goal of driving improved collaboration for the best interests of the maritime industry.