Five UK businesses achieve Fit for Offshore Renewables Granted Status

Five UK companies have successfully completed the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s industry-backed Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) Programme and achieved ‘Granted’ status.

Five UK businesses achieve Fit for Offshore Renewables Granted Status

KRG Specialist Engineering Services from the Scottish pilot programme and EnerMech, Proeon Systems, Stowen Clean Energy Ltd and TECOSIM Simulation Ltd, all part of the New Anglia cohort, have proven that they have the necessary business acumen and the know-how to apply their knowledge of the sector to target key corners of the market, and boost their chances of winning business in the growing global offshore renewables industry.

Achieving ‘Granted’ status as part of the business improvement and supply chain growth programme means these companies will now be in a better position to access new opportunities to engage with major industry stakeholders and potential future customers.

This brings the total number of companies ‘Granted’ under the scheme to 15, with another 43 companies being supported through F4OR programmes in Scotland, North East England, Norfolk and Suffolk, with a new cohort set to be recruited in North East Scotland. Previous ‘Granted’ companies have gone on to win major contracts in offshore renewables with companies such as Total and Steisdal Offshore.

Andrew Stormonth-Darling, ORE Catapult’s F4OR Programme Manager said:

“It’s a pleasure to see another set of impressive companies join the ever-growing community of those with F4OR granted status. Over the last 12 months, these companies have benefitted from being part of a cohort, increasing their industry engagement, growing their confidence, raising their profile and their market awareness. They have developed new relationships, technologies, capabilities and experiences, adding value to the UK supply chain. Completing the programme also ensures that the positive culture of continuous improvement is embedded and sustained long term.”

Developed with input from the offshore renewables industry and based on the successful Fit 4 Nuclear Programme, ORE Catapult developed the F4OR business improvement programme  in collaboration with HVM Catapult’s Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, with the aim of developing an increasingly competent, capable and competitive UK offshore renewable energy supply chain to ensure a strong representation of UK content in domestic projects, as well as supporting a vibrant export market.

The F4OR programme offers the opportunity for offshore wind developers to engage, contribute to and benefit from an initiative that encourages and supports improved supply chain performance. F4OR provides additional industry engagement opportunities for those already in the industry and promotes the cross-sector transfer of technologies.