First SafeGuardTM certification for the offshore marine industry in South Asia

‘POSH Bawean’ is the first vessel in South Asia offshore marine industry to receive the SafeGuard label, confirming adherence to Bureau Veritas hygiene and sanitary protocols for business resumption and continuity

First SafeGuardTM certification for the offshore marine industry in South Asia
Photo: POSH

Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification services, has awarded its SafeGuardTM label to PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd (POSH) – a leading solutions provider for offshore energy operations – for its offshore accommodation vessel ‘POSH Bawean’ while in operation at the Eastern Working Anchorage in Singapore as a reception and holding facility for seafarers in transit.

‘POSH Bawean’ is the first facility in the South Asia offshore marine sector to receive the certification, which assures stakeholders that a business has implemented health, safety, and hygiene standards that meet local and international guidelines, as well as global best practices, to restart business safely amid COVID-19.

In securing the SafeGuardTM label for ‘POSH Bawean’, POSH and BV worked closely on a tailored checklist that addresses specific risks at all locations and to ensure all measures were well implemented, including:Managing onboard processes which includes crew training and knowledge in response to various situationsIncreasing safety for personnel and passengers by monitoring compliance with the reinforced rules.Reducing risk for onboard facilities by limiting contact and preventive measuresImplementing cleanliness procedures, such as frequent disinfection, changes to air conditioning systems and specific procedures for sanitizing restrooms, stairs and more.SafeGuardTM has been developed by Bureau Veritas to provide a framework and standard to help businesses across many sectors establish and manage adherence to health, safety, and hygiene standards. It has been adopted by large operators in the hotel and passengership sectors in particular but, in the marine and offshore it has broad applicability relevant to helping ensure safer operations. 

David Barrow, Vice-President of South Asia and Pacific for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, said:

‘Safety is an absolute at Bureau Veritas and even more so during the challenging and uncertain COVID-19 environment we operate in. Ensuring the health and safety of seafarers and offshore workers is critical to help ensure that we keep our industry moving. We are delighted to be working with POSH to support their enhanced protocols. Compliance with the BV SafeGuardTM systems gives all of their stakeholders extremely high levels of confidence as we move forward in uncharted waters. The best practices undertaken by POSH are setting extremely high standards. We are encouraging others to follow in their approach.’ 

Captain Priyadarshan Pandey, General Manager of Operations at PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd (POSH), said:

‘We are proud to be the first in our industry to receive the BV SafeGuardTM certification for POSH Bawean, which has played an important strategic role in the fight against COVID-19 in Singapore. POSH has always put health and safety as our top priority, and has actively enhanced our hygiene and cleanliness protocols both onshore and at sea. This certification will give our staff, crew, customers, and other stakeholders greater peace of mind as we continue to resume operations in a safe and responsible manner.’

POSH Bawean was one of two designated holding facilities for seafarers transiting in Singapore and supporting more than 1,000 crew changes during her deployment.