DNV GL: Sesam Insight application removes costly barriers in offshore engineering

DNV GL: Sesam Insight application removes costly barriers in offshore engineering
Photo: DNV GL

Scattered data and analysis models lead to inefficiency in data exchanges between asset owners, operators and contractors. With the release of DNV GL’s Sesam Insight application, which provides shared 3D models among all stakeholders, costly barriers in offshore engineering are removed.

When analysis models and data are stored in several places, there is a risk of costly and time-consuming information exchange between the involved players, such as owners, operators, contractors and regulatory bodies. This lack of transparency can lead to issues during the verification process, and uncertainty about the status and quality of project work. In some cases, knowledge and data remain with contractors instead of asset owners, and data recovery costs can be high.

With the release of the Sesam Insight solution from DNV GL, a new level of collaboration in offshore engineering is possible through common insight into shared 3D analysis models, securely accessible online by all stakeholders with access rights. Sesam Insight provides access to the data and models for subscribers on any device, regardless of screen size and operating system. If you have a tablet, laptop, workstation or smartphone, you can visualize your organization’s assets with Sesam Insight.

Elling Rishoff, Head of Software Ecosystems at DNV GL – Digital Solutions, says:

“Better collaboration and communication between asset owners, operators and contractors has immense potential for cost savings. Sesam Insight is a game-changer when it comes to improving decision-making at all levels of the organization, and reducing errors."

It’s not only structural engineers who can get key information from Sesam models with the application. Sesam Insight is also easy to use for non-technical staff, including inspectors, operations teams or managers that have domain knowledge but may have previously worked with other tools. There is easy access throughout the involved organizations, with no installation, no nodelocked licenses and no device restrictions.

Sesam Insight establishes a single source of truth. The analysis model and its results, stored in Sesam Insight, are the baseline for all further work. This means that conflicting versions and revisions can be avoided. Stakeholders can comment directly on the model and see all relevant information on the asset itself. In addition to annotations, it is possible to attach relevant files such as images, explanatory reports, drawings or hand calculations.