DNV GL Launched a Web-Based Application to Support 2020 Sulphur Compliance

DNV GL offers a free web-based application of the Ship Implementation Plan (SIP) that ship owners and managers can use to prepare vessel-specific SIPs and maintain an overview of their fleet.

DNV GL Launched a Web-Based Application to Support 2020 Sulphur Compliance
Photo: Veracity Platform - SIP Dashboard

To facilitate 2020 Sulphur Compliance IMO has developed guidelines which include an indicative template for a Ship-specific Implementation Plan (SIP), which shipping companies are recommended to use. The plan is not mandatory and is not subject to endorsement by the flag state or a recognized organization (RO). However, PSC may consider the preparatory actions described in the SIP when verifying compliance. The plan addresses issues related to the use of compliant fuel oil and how to identify any safety risks associated with such fuels.

DNV GL has developed a web-based application to support ship owners and managers in preparing their Ship-specific Implementation Plans and maintaining an overview of their fleet.

Christos Chryssakis, Business Development Manager at DNV GL – Maritime says:

“As we approach 2020, good preparation will be essential to ensure a smooth transition into using compliant low-sulphur fuels. This includes technical actions, such as hardware upgrades, tank cleaning, and a fuel changeover plan, but also commercial preparations like updating charter party clauses and agreements between owners and charterers on how to best prepare each vessel to minimize operational disruptions. It is important to build flexibility into the plans, to make sure ships prepared for using different types of compliant fuels, depending on their availability.”

Items covered by the plan can include, as appropriate, but not limited to:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation plan (impact of new fuels);
  • Fuel oil system modifications and tank cleaning (if needed);
  • Fuel oil capacity and segregation capability;
  • Procurement of compliant fuel;
  • Fuel oil changeover plan (conventional residual fuel oils to 0.50% sulphur compliant fuel oil);
  • Documentation and reporting.

Benefits of the web-based Ship Implementation Plan app:

  • Save time & effort with a user-friendly tool for developing ship implementation plans;
  • Helps you focus on preparing quality plans by making informed decisions;
  • Instant overview of your fleet and the progress of your plans;
  • A solid implementation plan ensures a smoother transition into 2020 and can serve as documentation for charterers and authorities.

The SIP application is free of charge and available in the market place of Veracity, DNV GL's digital platform and industry ecosystem. More than 300 shipping companies are already using the SIP app with over 1,700 vessels registered and actively preparing their Ship Implementation Plans