Digital twin solution to transform offshore wind management

JF AIS and ORE Catapult partner to transfer digital twin technology into offshore wind sector.

Digital twin solution to transform offshore wind management

The digital asset and data management specialist, JF AIS, has completed a critical research project with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, the UK’s leading technology innovation centre for offshore renewable energy, supporting new technologies with ground-breaking potential.

Adopted by the supermajors in oil and gas, R2S produces virtual walk-throughs embedded with data, enabling personnel to remotely visit sites and easily access technical and operational data – saving time and cost, improving safety, and enhancing collaboration.

Both organisations identified the technology could offer game-changing benefits to the offshore renewables industry. As such, JF AIS undertook a pilot project, recreating a data-rich digital twin of ORE Catapult’s Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine.

Lorna Bennet, mechanical engineer with ORE Catapult, said:

“We believe  that R2S’ technology could revolutionise offshore wind O&M. By digitalising the Levenmouth Turbine, the digital twin has proven to be a unique solution enabling technicians and interdisciplinary teams to view the turbine’s inner workings and all pieces of equipment anywhere, at any time. This has enabled remote inspection of the turbine, boosting the planning of operations and reducing the need to go offshore. It has also changed the ways individuals are working – generating significant time and financial savings.”

Laura Fairley, JF AIS market development manager:

“Collaborating with ORE Catapult has increased our understanding of the sector and demonstrated how our technology brings value to offshore wind clients. With offshore turbines getting bigger and more powerful, operations and maintenance costs have escalated. R2S has proven to be an effective planning tool. We are confident our digital twin solution will eliminate non-essential journeys to offshore wind farm sites, but also facilitate the training and familiarisation of teams before deployment.

JF AIS is now looking to work with Vattenfall on the European Offshore Wind Demonstration Centre. We are looking forward to working closely with the developers to unlock the power of their data.”

From the hugely successful project, R2S is now expected to further support offshore wind by transforming wind farm management and turbine inspection methods.