Damen and NIBC increase vessel financing fund

Leasing options enable fleet renewal for sustainable operations

Damen and NIBC increase vessel financing fund
Photo: Damen Shipyards Group

NIBC Bank N.V. and Damen Financial Services celebrate their extended co-operation that enables an increase of the financing facilities for Damen vessels. 

Their continued and increased partnership was agreed recently. Offering financing possibilities, the partners aim to accelerate emission reductions in the maritime industry.

Financial lease or operational lease options allow operators in the maritime industry to renew or extend their fleet. In the highly competitive sector of offshore, harbour and inland operations, the capital investment to acquire new vessels is complicated for operating companies. Damen Shipyards offers financing possibilities to their clients, enabling them to purchase the advanced and efficient tools for maritime operations that Damen supplies. Financing is specifically available for workboats like tugs, fast crew suppliers, multicast, small ferries and barges.

Damen is serving clients with financing possibilities for clients to purchase vessels for more than a decade now. This has resulted in a strong track record, both towards financial institutions as well as towards maritime companies. Lease contracts from Damen always include a buy-back guarantee. Should a company not succeed in their operations, the vessel can perform profitable with another client. By participating in the financial risk of a clients’ operation, Damen clearly expresses to be sure about the possibilities for their clients to operate efficiently using Damen vessels.

Financial or operational lease solutions for customers of Damen Shipyards contribute to the energy transition in the maritime industry. Damen delivers sustainable workboats for offshore (wind) energy and hybrid or full electric tugs for port activities and other operations. Increased financing facilities with partner NIBC Bank N.V. enable Damen to help more clients in providing finance for their fleet renewal or fleet extension. Damen ships and technology contribute to efficient operations and a reduction of the ecological footprint of the maritime industry.