CORSICA Linea converts several systems to SERTICA

The French CORSICA Linea is converting existing CMMS and procurement systems to SERTICA.

CORSICA Linea converts several systems to SERTICA
Photo: CORSICA Linea

CORSICA Linea continues to grow their business by adding new vessels to the fleet. To ensure high data quality and increased performance, they have chosen to simplify and align the technical management with one software.

Jean-David Paoli, Project Manager at CORSICA Linea tells:

“We take fleet management to the next level having a modern tool for both maintenance and procurement. Everything is centralized, which saves us a lot of time and work. It also makes it easier for us to add new vessels to our fleet in the future.”

Jens Ipsen, Project Manager at Logimatic explains:

“By converting all systems to SERTICA, we have simplified and aligned fleet management with structured maintenance data. With a standardized component structure, CORSICA Linea can manage maintenance jobs centrally.”

Pierre-Laurent Richaud, Project Manager at CORSICA Linea tells:

“The beauty of SERTICA is that our entire organization can track and trace maintenance and procurement in the same system. We have had to change some internal processes to fit the system, but it actually turns out to be an advantage for us, because it increases consistency and alignment across the vessels.”

During the implementation, CORSICA Linea has prioritized to discuss the processes and system with the crew, and they have already received very positive feedback. Jean-David Paoli tells:

“The crew manage to use the system even before they complete the training. I believe this is a clear sign of a user-friendly and intuitive system.”