BMT's innovative marine fleet management software platform

MATE™, a market-leading vessel inspection technology and innovative marine fleet management software platform from BMT, provides real-time data on vessels' conditions. It also maps out fleet variances over time, thereby allowing operators to respond to risk areas immediately to help prevent and mitigate marine disasters.

The MATE™ – ‘Marine Application for Survey, Trend Evaluation & Reporting’ – system draws from over 100 years of experience in marine claims and accident investigation work. The proven technology is widely considered to be one of the world’s most flexible and comprehensive fleet monitoring systems that helps to bring improved navigational safety and efficiency benefits to seafarers and operators.

Jeroen de Haas, Managing Director, Surveys at BMT, said:

“Mitigating risk in the marine industry has become more important than ever. Year after year, we see that incident numbers globally remain at a consistently high level and so do marine insurance claims. Vessels have become bigger, and through the usage of more technology, also more complex; the impact of incidents has increased exponentially. BMT feels a strong responsibility to use our proven expertise to strengthen maritime security and to help lessen the number of marine incidents happening year-on-year.”

Lars Klingenberg Jacobsen, Head of Post Fixture Operation at Maersk, said:

“The scope of the inspection programme is completely unique and is bespoke to fit our specific needs on monitoring our chartered fleet. With MATE™, the generation of valuable intelligence on vessels allows us to competitively benchmark against average data. This safety-enhanced technology from BMT is an active prevention concept that greatly assists in improving the quality of the shipping work being carried out by Maersk. The system involves actual physical inspections on-board of ships, as well as customised audits that are dependent on vessel type and on complexity of operation.”

BMT partners with more than 250 highly qualified and experienced surveyors in all major ports of the world, providing MATE™ fleet audit inspections globally that are verified by maritime industry’s best-practice standard guidelines. Delivering continuous enhancements of international fleet surveys, as well as strict monitoring and evaluation of all inspections by a dedicated team, is an integral part of the MATE™ quality management process. MATE™ was launched by BMT in 2016, with Seaspan, MPC and Maersk serving as some of its biggest clients.

The innovative MATE™ fleet monitoring software allows overviews over the current status of a vessel and monitoring of a vessel’s condition over time, as well as the creation of benchmarks against fleet averages. Built to increase real-time visibility into vessel and fleet conditions to all fleet stakeholders, the MATE™ system that is managed by BMT, helps to make shipping safer and drive smarter fleet management around the world.