Austrian passenger vessels upgraded with SCHOTTEL PumpJet

Several of the Austrian operator’s passenger ships were recently fitted with the SPJ 30 and new CoaGrid

Austrian passenger vessels upgraded with SCHOTTEL PumpJet
Photo: Salzburg AG

Several passenger vessels from Austrian operator WolfgangseeSchifffahrt were recently fitted with a SCHOTTEL PumpJet type SPJ 30, including the new CoaGrid. 

With the SPJ 30 (100 kW), which is driven by an electric motor with a battery storage device, the ship owner benefits from zero-emission propulsion power and low-loss power electronics. The manoeuvrability of the vessels is further increased by means of the two previously installed SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers, which are used as the main propulsion units.

Mario Mischelin, Operations Manager of WolfgangseeSchifffahrt:

"We have relied on SCHOTTEL products and services for several decades now and work closely with the German manufacturer of propulsion systems. Thanks to this partnership, we have been able to develop tailored solutions that really match our individual requirements. In the course of this upgrade project, SCHOTTEL was once again an excellent partner in terms of cooperation, organization, and implementation."

The SPJ is now available with a new feature: the SCHOTTEL CoaGrid. This takes advantage of the Coandă effect, which describes the tendency of a fluid to stick to a curved surface.

In combination with in-house CFD optimizations a new streamlined geometry below the pump jet housing has been developed. This allows the water flow to be better directed into the inlet of the SPJ, leading to higher efficiency and lower noise emissions.