ABS launches smart emissions reporting tool

ABS Delivers Direct Emissions Reporting With Real Time Results

ABS launches smart emissions reporting tool

ABS has added another smart digital tool to its industry-leading environmental compliance support for shipowners and operators.

ABS Emissions Reporter™ allows vessel operators to input and monitor their IMO Data Collection System (DCS) and EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) review process with ease and efficiency.

The easy-to-use, self-service application tracks the status of the verification process and, once the data has been verified by ABS engineering, makes it simple to export the results and submit to the appropriate organization.

The ABS Emissions Reporter is just the latest digitally-enabled support for environmental compliance geared toward shipowners and clients launched by ABS, which also launched the ABS Environmental Monitor™ sustainability solution in February. A key part of the ABS My Digital Fleet™ risk management platform, ABS Environmental Monitor is  one of the maritime industry’s most comprehensive digital sustainability solutions to help shipowners achieve their sustainability goals. By leveraging vessel waste streams and emissions data, users receive transparent reporting to support and inform more sustainable vessel operations. ABS Emissions Reporter seamlessly connects with ABS Environmental Monitor.

Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Director, Global Sustainability, said:

“Shipowners are faced with a significant degree of new environmental regulation, making managing fleet compliance more challenging than ever before. ABS is committed to supporting the industry meet its environmental challenges and this application is the latest evidence of that. It streamlines environmental compliance, making the complex process simple, seamless and straightforward to deliver.” 

Once registered, the application interface makes it easy for ship managers to upload  IMO DCS and EU MRV vessel details, reporting data and supporting documents through the application’s user interface.

ABS Emissions Reporter Features:    

•          A key element of the ABS My Digital Fleet platform

•          Connects with ABS Environmental Monitor™

•          Data quality checks and validation during upload for real-time feedback

•          Instantly connect and communicate with an ABS Engineer

•          Monitor and receive notifications on review status in real time 

•          Downloadable annual reports that are compatible with EU THETIS-MRV module 

•          Real-time analysis of data upon report submission

•          User-friendly interface, configurable account management settings and notifications