Aberdeen Harbour creates ‘click and collect’ slots for vessels

Vessels will be allowed to book a four-hour ‘welfare visit’ slot in the port.

Aberdeen Harbour creates ‘click and collect’ slots for vessels

Aberdeen Harbour Board has launched a special scheme to run during COVID-19 aimed at supporting crews who are currently working on vessels moored in their anchorage.

The scheme allows vessels to book a four-hour ‘welfare visit’ slot for their vessel in the port, instead of making a full port call booking. The slot allows a vessel to stock up on essential supplies such as foodstuff, fuel, and critical spares.

The Port’s Operations Manager, John McGuigan, explained:

“Dues for coming into the harbour are normally paid by the company chartering the vessel. and they book a full port call to allow the vessel to be loaded with cargo. During the COVID-19 crisis, however, when there is less work available, we wanted to support vessel owners and crews who are currently not on charter and to ensure their welfare throughout these unprecedented times. We are calling the scheme ‘Stow and Go’, but I guess it is a bit like booking your pick-up slot at the supermarket”.

Harbour Chief Executive, Michelle Handforth, added:

“We are very conscious of the impact that the current public health crisis is having, not only on our customers but also on the vessel owners and crews who support them. Whilst crews are in-between work they can spend significant time out at the Aberdeen anchorage – there are on average 20 vessels on any given day located there - and we were keen to make the situation as conducive as possible for those crew who, along with those keeping the port open, are essential workers, doing their bit in this crisis”.

The scheme is open to all vessels located at the anchorage and will be reviewed at the end of the lock-down period with a view to it being extended.